4. Kompanie, 914. Grenadier Regiment, 352nd Infanterie Division

Welcome to the GR914

We are a Living History Association Re-enactment group. We are part of the German forces in WWII re-enacting in the New England area. We take part in WWII Battle re-enactments as well as WWII Public Displays. We represent men and women of the 352nd Infanterie Division that fought in Europe from the Normandie Campaign during the D-Day invasion to the end of the war.

The 914th Infanterie Regiment fought at Point du Hoc during this campaign and fought back into Carentan to engage the 101st ABD there. Later the GR914 was part of the newly formed 352nd Volks Grenadier Division  that fought in the Ardennes during the "Battle of the Bulge". With the shortage of men and equipment, the Division was re-armed with more semiautomatic and automatic weapons to supplement the firepower of the smaller unit.





We as re-enactors work closely with our Allied counterparts to keep the history of WWII and the veterans that fought it alive. Many members of our unit have been in two short films and one movie. 'The Snow field', 'The Race' and 'The Fallen'. All three films are WWII based. We are available for film shoots and public displays. Please contact us if you think you could use our services or have any interest in joining. Our group is made up of people from all backgrounds to include students, Police and Firemen, truck drivers, house wives and schoolteachers.  We are a Proud member of the L.H.A


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