4. Kompanie, 914. Grenadier Regiment, 352nd Infanterie Division

Mission Statement


Our mission is to recreate the life and experiences of the average German Grenadier in World War II. To this end we seek to honor and portray the German soldier who was doing his patriotic duty to his fatherland. We avoid political overtones and do not seek to glorify any Nazi ideals or actions.

Our Unit Role

Our official impression is the 4th Company of the 914th Grenadier Regiment of the 352nd Infantry Division.  As a Heavy Weapons Company, we operate outside of the normal tactics at re-enactments. Our role is to support the Riffle Companies in the Regiment.

In our unit we have a Headquarters Section. This consists of a Command Section, a Communication Section and a Medical Section. With a Headquarters element we need runners, clerks, radio operators and similar personnel. Since these are non-combatant roles, we can employ younger (16+) members of the re-enacting community. This way, there is an actually useful role that tag along kids can fulfill.

Aside from our Headquarter section we have the Heavy Weapon Company. These two Platoons were made up of a Heavy Machine Gun Platoon and a Mortar Platoon.

Life as a 914th Grenadier

Our field impression is primarily a late war look, reflecting the uniforms and equipment that would have been issued to Grenadier unit from 1943 until the end of the war. As a unit we hold regular training event to properly portray the German Grenadier of WWII.

As part of the Living History Association’s WWII Committee we also take part in pubic displays to educate the public on the uniform, gear, weapons, manners and lifestyle of the typical German soldier of WWII.

Why the 352nd Division, 914th Regiment?

Our choice of the 352nd Infantry Division, 914th Regiment is a result of many year of research.

First; The 352nd Division was a D-Day division. It was probably the first German division to make contact with the Allies on D-Day. This makes it a historically significant unit. Since many WWII re-enactments center around the D-Day invasion, portrayal of this division will add an authentic element that has been lacking.

Second; The 352nd Division was formed primarily from veterans from the Russian Front sent back to the west to be re-fitted. These men were considered valuable because of their existing combat experience.

Third; The 352nd Infantry Division, 914th  Regiment is largely comprised of members from the New England area. The primary U.S. Divisions re-enacted in our area are 26th, the 101st and the 82nd Divisions. All these Division engaged the 914th in France. Thus we are able to provide for modern generations a glimpse of how the adversaries of our local heroes were armed, clothed and equipped.

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