4. Kompanie, 914. Grenadier Regiment, 352nd Infanterie Division



Weapons of the German Army

Maschinen Pistole 43/44 (MP43/44) Sturmgewehr 44 (STG44)

The STG44 was developed from the MP43/44, an earlier model that was constructed of pressed steel, gas operated and was magazine fed with 30 rounds of Kurz Patrone 7.92x33mm ammunition. For propaganda reasons, it was renamed Sturmgewehr 44(Assault Rifle 44). The overall length is 37 inches and weighed 11 pounds. It has a cyclic rate of fire between 500-600 rounds per minute, and a practical rate of 180-200 rounds per minute. 

Maschinen Pistole 38/40 (MP38/40)

Caliber = 9 mm Parabellum
Length: Stock Folded = 24.75 Inches
Length: Stock Unfolded = 32.75 Inches
Weight = 9 LBS.
Magazine Capacity = 3

2 Rounds in a Box Magazine


Karabiner 98K

Caliber = 7.92 mm X 57 mm Patrone Rifle Cartridge
Length = 43.6 Inches
Weight = 8 lbs., 9 oz.
Magazine Capacity = 5

Gewehr 43 (G43) Karabiner 43 (K43)

Gewher/Karabiner 43 (G-43/K-43) with ZF-4 scope

Caliber = 7.92 mm X 57mm Patrone Rifle Cartridge
Length = 44 INCHES
Weight = 9 LBS., 9 OZ.
Magazine Capacity = 10 in a Detachable Box Mag

Luger Pistole, Model 1908 (P08)

The 1 lb./14 oz. handgun was first issued in WWI and retained during the Wehrmacht's expansion due to weapons shortages. The P08 chambered a 9mm round from a detachable 8 round magazine. The system of operation revolved around a recoil and toggle joint. Although preferred by officers, the P08 did not prove to be reliable under combat conditions and was replaced by the Walther P38. The overall length of the barrel is 4 1/2 inches, and weighs 2 pounds. It's effective combat range is around 32 yards. 

Walther Pistole, Model 1938 (P38)

In 1938, the Wehrmacht had begun to adopt the P38 as a replacement to the P08. It weighs 2 lbs./1.5 oz. and has a 8 round detachable magazine. Double action capability is due to its recoil operating system. The P38 was well accepted by the Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS due to its ability to operate in all types of adverse conditions. The P38 chambered a 9mm round. The overall length of the barrel is 4 3/4 inches. It's overall effective range was comparable to the P08. 


Walther PP/PPK 

The compact pistol that was used by officers and armored crews was the Walther PP. It was produced in 7.65mm and 9mm calibres. It was very compact in size and shape and featured a 3.9 inch barrel and a eight round magazine in the grip. Its effective combat range was around 32 yards. Its small size and the ease at which it could be concealed made it also popular with security personnel and police. The PPK was slightly smaller with an overall barrel length of 3.4 inches, and a magazine capacity of 7 rounds, apart from being slightly smaller, it was very similar to the PP. 

Mauserwerke Maschinengewehr Model 1934 (MG34)

Designed by Mauser from the Swiss MG30 as the first general purpose machine gun. It could be carried by one man for general infantry assault roles or mounted on a tripod for long range precision firing, or mounted on a AA mount for anti-aircraft roles. The 26 lb./11 oz. recoil operated 7.92mm belt-fed machine gun fired 850 rounds per minute. The close tolerance of parts made the MG34 vulnerable to stoppage under combat conditions. The overall length is 48 inches. The weight with bipod is 26 1/2 lbs., and weight with tripod is 42 lbs. The practical rate of fire as a LMG is 100-200 rounds per minute, and as a HMG 300 rounds per minute. The effective range as a LMG is 600-800 yards, and as a HMG is 2000-2500 yards.

Maschinengewehr Model 1942 (MG42)

The MG42 was adopted in 1942 by the Wehrmacht and first used in North Africa. The 25 lb./8 oz. weapon was constructed of steel stampings and featured a quick change barrel system which enabled the operator to install a cool barrel in 5 seconds. The weapon had a recoil firing mechanism and fired 7.92mm ammunition at a cyclic rate of 1200-1400 rounds per minute. The overall length is 49 inches, and weighed 23 3/4 lbs. The practical rate of fire as a LMG is 250 rounds per minute, and as a HMG 500 rounds per minute. The effective range as a LMG is 600-800 yards and as a HMG is 2000-2500 yards.















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